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Secret Easter Bunnies

The Robotics Team Prepare to Hide Eggs for Their Easter Egging Fundraiser
Addie Reiter

The Robotics team  is having their third annual Easter Egging fundraiser. During this fundraiser people are able to purchase eggs and the Robotics team will hide them in the buyers’ backyards for Easter morning.

The Robotics club is not purely focused on robots, but a lot of other aspects.

“When people think about Robotics Club they think about the actual robot, but there are a lot aspects to Robotics club,” Meg Hunting, the coach of the Robotics team, said. “We have people learning to do computer programing or learning to build a bot or like learning electrical wiring and stuff, but then we also have folks that focus on like documentation and marketing and the volunteer slash outreach piece of it.”

The Easter Egging fundraiser is not only a way to earn the club money, but it is also a part of the volunteer aspect of the Robotics Club. The fundraiser not only raises visibility for the club, but the Robotics team also gets to give back to the community.

“It’s a good way to like serve the community and to just raise visibility,” Hunting said. “We try to do things where we can give back to the community and we feel like this is a great way to raise money, but also help our community.”

The money the Robotics team raises with the fundraiser will go towards paying for their registration fees for competitions and to buy extra parts and supplies for the robots they build.

“We are looking at roughly 2,000 dollars in expenses a year and this is our primary fundraiser, so this year our goal is to raise like 1300,” Hunting said.

The Robotics team takes on the role of creating a magical Easter for the customer’s kids. Members of the club explained that they enjoy getting to “become the Easter Bunny.”

“We pretend we are ambassadors of the Easter Bunny,” Hunting said. “People sign up for us to come and bring the Easter Bunny’s delivery and we bring eggs with candy and we hide them and it’s ready the next morning for kids to find the gift from the Easter Bunny.” 

The Outreach Co Leader of the Robotics club, Sophomore, Gabby Johnson explained that hiding the eggs this year has changed slightly. In order to make the egg deliveries club members are going to ride in two vans, instead of taking one van like they did last year.

 As for the pricing for the eggs, it’s 20 dollars to get a dozen, but the more eggs someone orders the better the price break they receive.

“You can get one dozen for 20 dollars,” Hunting said. “If you order four dozen it’s for 40 dollars [and] you can do special orders for even more than that.”

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Addie Reiter
Addie Reiter, Editor in Chief
Addie is a sophomore who loves the color yellow and drinking iced coffee. She enjoys painting and can often be found playing video games and talking with her friends.

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