Gardner Edgerton students get the news to you.

The Blazer

Gardner Edgerton students get the news to you.

The Blazer

Gardner Edgerton students get the news to you.

The Blazer


New Species of Tardigrade Discovered in Kansas by Baker University Students

New Species of Tardigrade Discovered in Kansas by Baker University Students

Madeline Clark, Reporter November 21, 2021

Baker University discovered a new species of tardigrades in July 2019. Tardigrades are microorganisms that live all over the world in moss, lichen, algae, rocks, and aquatic habitats such as streams. There...

Conny Gutierrezs first place door.

Hispanic Heritage Month Door Decorating Contest Winners Announced

Olivia Steele November 20, 2021

The first annual Hispanic Heritage Month door decorating contest wrapped up on Friday, November 5 and the winners were announced via Twitter on Tuesday, November 9. Spanish teacher Conny Gutierrez’s...

Fathers Club: A Way For Dads to Connect

Father’s Club: A Way For Dad’s to Connect

McKenzie Sullivan, Reporter November 19, 2021

The Father’s Club is a group run by fathers to connect with other fathers in their communities. “The Father’s Club is a dad-led, grass roots effort promoting intentionally around dads’ relationships...

Seth Reddin getting ready to beat any of his opponents.

Buff Puff to Be Held This Weekend

Madeline Clark, Reporter November 19, 2021

This Saturday the traditional school event, Buff Puff will be taking place. Buff Puff is an event where boys from all grade levels can make a team and participate in a volleyball tournament.  “We...

A student struggling with their workload.

Transition to In-Person Learning Takes Toll on Students

Alyssa Huffmaster, Reporter November 15, 2021

Online learning has mentally affected high schoolers in ways that have been hard to miss. Students are experiencing lack of interest and for some, a constant feeling of no motivation. “The transition...

GSA Returns to GEHS

GSA Returns to GEHS

Amara Whited, Copy Editor November 15, 2021

GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) Club is getting a new start with the introduction of the new Diversity Club. Diversity Club is sponsored by English teacher Katie Gehrt in the freshman wing and is open and...

Global Warming and How Its Ravaging America

Global Warming and How It’s Ravaging America

Isaac Peterson, Reporter November 9, 2021

Global warming is affecting America; the whole country is experiencing greenhouse gases and their effects on the environment, and Congress is working on a new bill to reduce global warming. “Global...

A satellite image captured on Oct. 10, 2021 by NASA shows over 70 ships waiting to dock and unload at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Why There Are Shortages with Shipping Containers

Victor Villagrana, Reporter November 9, 2021

COVID-19 has had a big impact on the world, most recently causing supply shortages and shipping delays all across the globe. There are many reasons to be concerned. One of the main reasons shipments...

Mr.Bell alongside a couple of Gardner Edgerton staff members.

Local Banks Help Fund AP Exams

Turner Brown, Entertainment Editor November 5, 2021

Thanks to a $1,000 donation from Gardner Central National Bank, some students will be able to reduce the cost of AP exams this year. "This huge gift means any student in an AP class who wants to take...

Election Winners Announced

Election Winners Announced

Olivia Steele November 5, 2021

Tuesday, November 2 was Election Day and the results are in. City Council President Todd Winters won the mayoral seat. His term will begin in January 2022. School board candidates, Jeff Miller,...

One of the three designs of Halloween cookies The Blazer Stop baked and decorated.

The Blazer Stop Returns to GEHS

McKenzie Sullivan and Alyssa Huffmaster November 4, 2021

The Blazer Stop is returning Wednesday, November 10 after a year off due to Covid. “I’m excited to just start selling stuff," Ryan Beane, a senior and part of The Blazer Stop’s social media team...

Students of GEHS working hard in their class to obtain information needed for after high school.

Life Beyond Graduation: Preparing for what’s next

Madeline Clark, Reporter November 3, 2021

After walking across the graduation stage in Kansas, about 65% of high school graduates go directly to college. However, other options are available. CAREER AND LIFE PLANNING The Career and Life Planning...

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