Gardner Edgerton students get the news to you.

The Blazer

Gardner Edgerton students get the news to you.

The Blazer

Gardner Edgerton students get the news to you.

The Blazer


Pictures of Taylor Swifts Red CDs. such a girl boss.

Red (Taylor’s Version) Review

Olivia Steele November 14, 2021

Thursday night, Taylor Swift released the long-awaited re-recording of her fourth studio album, Red, now renamed to Red (Taylor’s Version). The album featured the original nineteen songs featured, as...

A picture of Twitter captured by a talented photographer chriscorneschi.

Barstool Twitter Accounts

Angela Ocanas, Features Editor November 9, 2021

The Barstool Twitter accounts should be unfollowed. Horrible things have been said and are being said consistently on these accounts. The anonymous people, hiding behind a screen ,post rude and heartless...

Cute cat posing with its cute little bow! Also, its Christmas!!!

OPINION: Living Creatures Are Not Gifts

Amara Whited, Copy Editor November 5, 2021

As the holidays approach, gift ideas swirl in the minds of nearly every parent, and plenty of students’ minds as well. While tempting to do, giving surprise gifts of animals and pets is a practice that...

A comparison of Taylor Swifts CDs, which version is better?

Comparing Fearless (2008) and Fearless (Taylor’s Version)(2021)

Olivia Steele October 28, 2021

  On April 9, 2021 Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated re-recorded version of her sophomore album Fearless, this time titled Fearless (Taylor’s Version). The original version was...

Restaurant Review - Trails Cafe

Restaurant Review – Trails Cafe

Turner Brown, Reporter October 15, 2021

On Thursday, October 15th I [Turner Brown] went to Trails Cafe with fellow newspaper staff journalists Zach Gunby, Alyssa Huffmaster, Ethan Hunting, and Mckenzie Sullivan to review their food. We went...

Michael Myers trying to grab Laurie Strode through the door window.

Halloween Kills Review

Amara Whited, Reporter October 15, 2021

Warning: Major spoilers for Halloween Kills below, as well as mentions of violence.   The Halloween movie franchise has been around since 1978, comprising 11 movies and counting. Over the 43...

Perkins Restaurant Review

Perkins Restaurant Review

Zachariah Gunby October 9, 2021

On Friday, October 8, I [Zachariah Gunby] went to Perkins along with another newspaper staff member, Turner Brown, in order to see what it is like to have a meal there. We went up there to see how good...

What Students Think of Pep Assemblies

What Students Think of Pep Assemblies

Rachel Owens, Reporter September 29, 2021

Some students love Gardner Edgerton's pep assemblies, some don’t, and some can’t decide. “I’m not too much of a fan of school events,” Freshman, Samantha Gunby said, “It’s always so crowded...

A needle in a vaccine of some sort, are they important?

OPINION: Vaccinations Are Paramount To Ending The Pandemic

Amara Whited, Reporter September 21, 2021

In recent months, several COVID-19 vaccines have been produced for worldwide use, and with them came a whirlwind of opinion, controversy, and conspiracy. People of all ages are divided on these issues....

Search bar for which coffee shop to go to, and which is the best in gardner.

Which Gardner Coffee Shop Is Best?

Olivia Steele, Reporter September 7, 2021

Whether you’re a student or a staff member in the building, chances are you or someone you know here drinks coffee, whether it be in the morning before school or while cramming in homework after school....

Whats With the Humour of This Generation?

What’s With the Humour of This Generation?

Serenity Stafos, Staff Writer March 22, 2019

The humour in recent generations has sort of a dark feel to it. Now more than ever people are being diagnosed with depression, ADHD, and anxiety. A common outlet for people, especially those who are not...

Bandersnatch Review

Bandersnatch Review

Avery Turner, Staff Writer February 12, 2019

Around October,  Netflix started launching interactive shows/movies on their streaming service for users to watch -- or more accurately play. One of the most well-known ventures partnered with Netflix’s...

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