Paint with all the colors on the wall

Jaclyn Adamson, Editor-in-Chief

A trip down the 700 hallway is now equivalent to walking through an art gallery. Dozens of students have donated time and energy to create large murals in the art hallway. The pieces are colorful, intricate, and put a spin on a classic piece of art.

“(The murals) are an idea that the teachers in the Art department have been knocking around for a while,” art teacher Dave Kalkman said.
This year, the department put in a request to use the art hallway for murals and it was approved. Kalkman’s class was then given the task to create a mural that takes pieces from the past and relate them to the present.
The murals were a team project. Groups of two or three would work together to come up with ideas and complete the painting.
“The students work together to come up with the ideas,” Kalkman said. “The quality goes up when they work together and when they know that the other students will see them.”
Students are getting the chance to leave their mark on the school. These pieces that line each side of the hallway are seen by hundreds of students every day.
“It’s kind of intimidating,” senior Kiley Collier said. “Because teenagers are not nice, and extremely critical.”
The main technique students learn from these murals is color mixing. Colors do not stop when they meet each other, they interact and form new colors together. This is an important aspect of painting not just with murals, but in general.
The murals will continue down the 700 hallway and even further when the new addition is added on. The murals will be up in the school for a while and are a good way to spread and encourage creativity in students.