Are You For a Four Day Week

Are You For a Four Day Week

The proposal for four-day school weeks has been circulating in Kansas and Missouri districts for the past couple of years. The idea is, essentially, eliminating one of the five days, whether that be Monday-Friday is that district’s discretion, and giving students an extra day to catch up on homework, get some rest, and give teachers a break too. Opinions on the issue are nearly split down the middle on what people want and it’s incredibly controversial.

In Favor of a Four Day Week

Schools across the country have made the switch to a four-day school week. This shift has benefited students, teachers, and parents alike. In fact, 94.6% of respondents stated that they were satisfied with the four-day week.

“Teacher burnout is very real, and this is a tremendous solution to that burnout,” Dale Herl said, superintendent of the Independence, MO school district.

900+ schools pivoted to shortened weeks and have seen benefits from it. Some goals achieved have been money saved, improved student attendance, and increased teacher morale.

Against a Four Day Week

A four-day school week may be beneficial in some aspects, but with the switch comes many downsides. The main concern is kids being home alone while their parents are at work.

The extended weekends might create childcare challenges for working parents, who now need to find alternative arrangements for their children on the extra day off. This could result in increased stress and financial strain for families already juggling busy schedules.

Some children rely on their school to be a safe haven and an escape from their tumultuous home life. Issues such as abuse, neglect, or other family problems can make it difficult for them to find comfort and safety at home, which is why school becomes a crucial source of support and stability for them.

It has also been argued that the shortened school week could limit opportunities for extracurricular activities, such as sports, arts, and clubs, which play a vital role in students’ personal and social lives.

Schools with a four-day week may have longer class hours to make up for lost time in the classroom. However, some students, especially younger ones, may struggle to concentrate in long classes.

As communities around the country consider a four-day school week, it is important to think of both the positive and negative aspects the new schedule could have on students, teachers, and families.

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