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OPINION: Do AP and Honors Classes Actually Help?

Keira Mills

With all the different choices for classes every year, students have to make the tough decision between honors and advanced placement (AP) classes and regular courses. This decision can be made based on one’s personal wants, abilities, or goals. But the question still stands: are these honors and AP classes really helping students in the long run?

Sophomore Mahlet Samuel said that they are. Here is her argument.

Honors and AP classes are worth the effort for three reasons: colleges like them and are thus more likely to accept a student who has taken them, they prepare students for college better than regular classes, and they help students save money in the future.

According to engeniuslearning.com, “To be competitive in the eyes of colleges, students should take as many honors and AP courses as they can handle.” This shows how colleges appreciate those classes, and because of this, they look for students who take those classes. So, because high school is made to prepare students for college and to help them get into the best college, it is an advantage for students to take honors and AP courses in high school to get a leg-up for colleges that are looking.

Advanced classes help students get better habits among other things. For example, according to appily.com, “Honors [and AP] classes help students develop effective study habits, critical thinking skills, and a strong work ethic.” This goes to show that those kinds of classes allow students to obtain habits that can, and most likely will, help them in college. So, if a student were to take regular classes it may hinder them from learning those skills for their future, which shows why advanced classes are worth the effort.

Students can take many honors classes for college credit and in AP classes they can take tests that work for that credit as well. This therefore saves them money for college later on. According to sparrowfi.com, “The College Board encourages students to take multiple AP courses in high school to earn AP, or college-level credit, and save ‘hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.’” Students can also take honors classes that do the same thing if those classes count for college credit. So, all of this depicts exactly what taking honors and AP classes can do for a student. Among the many other benefits it has, it can save them a lot of money in the future, which is very good because many people suffer from student loans after college so it is a good idea to save money for it whenever a person can.

While taking AP and honors classes might not be for everyone, the benefits of doing so are immense. They can help students get chosen for a college and they can help them better prepare for it mentally and economically. So, if taking an honors or AP class is a choice that students are wondering about they should try and go for it, but only after consulting with a counselor.

Sophomore Keira Mills said that honors and AP classes are not worth it. Here is her argument.

Lots of students wonder if AP classes and Honors classes are worth it and honestly I feel like it stresses kids out more than helps them.

AP classes can help students who cannot afford college to take classes earlier and are a lot more affordable. I feel like Honors classes aren’t as important as people think they are. Whether someone decides to take Honors classes or not, it doesn’t change a person’s ability to take an AP class. Lots of people argue it prepares students for AP classes but I believe that taking honors or not doesn’t help students be prepared for AP. Every class is different and even some non honors teachers teach their classes like Honors to prepare students for the next year. Students also face many issues with AP classes such as the final being 20% of the final grade, stress, falling behind on work, and anxiety. AP classes feel more worrying than helpful, the only positive of them is getting early college credit. If AP classes don’t feel right for you to do, don’t overwork yourself to take them, there are many chances of getting classes cheaper without taking them in high school. Many colleges offer financial aid for students who can’t pay for college and there are many scholarships that can support students to get into college-level classes.

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Keira Mills
Keira Mills, Reporter
Keira is a sophomore who enjoys traveling and listening to Taylor Swift. She is very passionate about newspapers and GEHS journalism.
Mahlet Samuel
Mahlet Samuel, Reporter
Mahlet  is a sophomore who likes to cook and bake. Her favorite color is pink and she enjoys reading a good book.

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