Are Pajamas Acceptable at School?

Maci Shafer, Editor in Chief

At the beginning of January, some members of a Facebook group were debating on whether kids should be able to wear pajamas to school after a parent posted about how her student said a large population of the school wore pajamas. Pajama day has always been a fun day for students to wear their favorite PJs to school; now students everywhere are wearing them more regularly. In the Facebook comments, about half agreed and half disagreed. Teachers and students also had some feedback about the topic of pajamas in school.

“Yeah, I think so [pajamas are acceptable at school], if we’re looking at like sweatpants and shirts as pajamas,” Brittney Baker-Delany, a history teacher said. 

Pajamas aren’t universally unprofessional or inappropriate. It can depend on the environment. 

“In a school environment no, in work, it depends on what your job is like if you’re a nurse and your wearing scrubs which is practically pajamas that is acceptable, but if your like a stockbroker and you have to go to formal location you definitely shouldn’t be wearing pajamas,” said Baker-Delany. 

Pajamas make some students feel comfortable after all they sit in chairs all day. Some students don’t wake up early enough in time to get ready and as long as the pajamas aren’t inappropriate the student won’t get in trouble. 

“I mean yeah, I don’t see the big problem with it, they’re comfy,” Erika Martin, a junior said.

Even though it has become more normalized there are still some parents, teachers, and students who do not agree with wearing pajamas. Whether it is because it is a learning environment and they’re inappropriate or because staying in pajamas just doesn’t put you in the right mindset. 

“I would say that pajamas are not acceptable at school,”  Farron Evans, history teacher said.

Teachers don’t all agree on the effect pajamas can have. Some believe they’re fine, others think they have more of an effect than intended.

 “I would say the importance of dress in that regard is mainly kind of a mindset of this being a lazy place versus a place that you are coming to and be excited to be here and learn versus take a nap,” said Evans. 

Some students also feel that getting up and putting on something nice helps them get up and motivated for the day. 

“I think so [pajamas affect my learning], I feel like I’m not ready for the day and I’m in a different mindset,” Ashleigh Beabout, a junior said.

Some of the students who wouldn’t wear pajamas themselves aren’t against others in pajamas; they just choose to not wear them. 

“When I wear them I feel more lazy, but I don’t think it makes everyone a lazy person,” said Beabout. 

Pajamas can either be positive or negative for a student. As long as the school allows it then the student should wear appropriate clothing that they are comfortable in.