Fort McMurray Wildfire

Savannah Cox, Online Editor

In Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada the weather has been hot and dry for the past several days. Rain has not been in the forecast causing major fires to start erupting in Fort McMurray. According to UCAR, the wind and dry heat are the correct conditions for major wildfires to start breaking out. Fort McMurray is in the heart of Canada’s oil sand region.

According to NBC, the fires in Alberta have forced 88,000 people to flee their homes and destroyed 1,600 structures. On Friday, May 6 officials will see if it is safe enough to get more evacuees out of the areas of the fire.

“The damage to the community of Fort McMurray is extensive and the city is not safe for residents,” Rachel Notely, from the Alberta Premier, said.

According to NBC, the “herculean” firefighters were praised for their efforts to put out the fire but, due to the dry conditions, the fires might keep spreading.

“More than 1,110 firefighters, 145 helicopters and 22 air tankers are fighting the fires,” NBC said.

According to The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, the gusting wind conditions have become “extremely challenging” for fire crews. The cause of these fires remains unknown.

According to NBC the firefighters are hoping to evacuate the North side of Fort McMurray and open up the main highway to let people drive south away from all the wildfires. Almost twenty percent of Fort McMurray homes were destroyed during the wildfires.

“Firefighters held key areas and the blaze now covers about 620 square miles,” BBC said.