NBA Player Kobe Bryant Announces Retirement

Brooke Boyer, Editor in Chief

37 year old, Kobe Bryant officially announced his retirement yesterday on the Players Tribune Website. According to CNN he later admitted to the media that he felt “at peace” with his decision and was “excited for what’s to come.”

“A decision like this, you can’t make based on outside circumstances. It has to be an internal decision, and finally I’ve decided to accept that I can’t actually do this anymore, and I’m OK with that,” Bryant said in his letter.

Bryant has had a twenty year career with the LA Lakers. Throughout his career he has scored a total of 32,683 points—the third top scorer in NBA history. He is also a two time Olympic champion.

Bryant’s decision does not shock many however. He has had difficulty the previous few seasons with injuries. In the past two years he has suffered from a torn Achilles tendon and a torn radiator cuff. His injuries limited him to playing 41 of 164 games the past two seasons. This current season he has been shooting a career-worst 31.5 percent according to ESPN.

“My body knows it’s time to say goodbye,” Bryant admitted to the press.

His final game will be at home April 13 against Utah unless they are eligible for playoffs; but digging their way from last place seems merely impossible to fans.

Coach Bryon Scott was shocked and upset with Kobe’s decision according to ESPN. Scott emphasized Bryant’s decision to finish the rest of the season because he “believes [Bryant] still loves this game.”