Middle School Boy Brings Knife on School Bus

Savannah Cox, Staff Writer

On Friday Feb. 27, a 12-year-old boy carried a butcher knife onto a Gardner- Edgerton school bus. The seventh grade boy attends one of the middle schools in the USD 231 school district. By bringing a weapon onto a school bus, the boy violated the USD 231 transportation guidelines.

The student showed it to a friend. Another student, who saw the knife, immediately reported it to the bus driver and the driver contacted the police.

When the bus arrived at school the boy went in to detention and waited for the police. He was taken into juvenile custody by the police when they got to the scene. No name was given out as to who this boy is or what school he attended.

According to KCTV5 news, superintendent, Pam Stranathan, will not say anything about the situation at this time. The police are still investigating the motive behind the student’s actions.