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Read All About this Fall’s Performing Arts Fundraiser


This fall’s performing arts fundraiser, the Butter Braids fundraiser, is where students in the performing arts program sell pastries to raise money, according to Hannah Stevens, the choir director here at GEHS.

“[Performing arts] do a few [fundraisers] during the year. This specific one is the Butter Braid fundraiser,” Stevens said. “It’s a company that sells these pastries that come frozen, and then you thaw them out and put them in the oven. They’re great to serve to guests, so it’s a great [fundraiser] to do around the holidays.”

This fundraiser is done in order to raise money for the students in the performing arts program going on the trips. According to Stevens, this fundraiser allows students to gain almost seven dollars off of each Butter Braid that they sell.

“These Butter Braids cost about $16 or $17, and then the student gets almost seven of those dollars for each one they sell,” Stevens said. “So, if they sold 20 or 30 Butter Braids, they would make a pretty good profit for their trip.”

While the money raised from this fundraiser goes into the school’s trip fund, the school keeps track of what was raised by which student. So, the money that the students get back from each Butter Braid, about seven dollars, goes directly back to them.

“[The money] goes into our trip fund, and then we keep track of how much money each individual has in that account, and then we send it to the trip company,” Stevens said.

Choir and orchestra are both going on trips in 2024, however, they are going to different places. And, while the band is not going on a trip this school year, they will next school year and they can use this fundraiser to raise money for that trip.

“Choir is going to Chicago in May, so after school is out,” Stevens said. “And then orchestra is going to New Orleans over spring break. Band is going somewhere next [school] year, but band students can still do the fundraiser and then apply it to their account for [then]”

Stevens is the point person for this year’s Butter Braid fundraiser. However, Stevens, Justin Davidson, the band instructor this year, and Heidi Gunderson, the orchestra teacher here, take turns being the point person for the different performing arts fundraisers throughout the year.

“For each of our fundraisers, we try to have one of the music directors in charge of [things like money and information],” Stevens said. “So, Mrs. Gunderson did the World’s Finest Chocolates and the catalog and cookie fundraiser a few weeks ago, and this one is underneath my direction. And then I think Mr. Davidson is going to do the mattress sale.”

The Butter Braids fundraiser began on Monday, October 16, and ended on Monday, October 30.

“[The fundraiser] began, Monday, the 16th, and [ended] Monday the 30th, so it’s 2 weeks long in total,” Stevens said. “And then the Butter Braids are delivered on [November] 3rd.”

Students participating in this fundraiser are able to use an online store where people can buy Butter Braids. They can also link the store and post that link on social media to encourage people to buy the pastries from them.

“There’s a way you can paste your link [from the online store] to Facebook,” Stevens said. “A lot of parents will [also] have family members or family friends buy, especially at this time of year. They’re just so good to have on hand, even kids that aren’t going on the trips are selling them because they’re really good and people like them.”

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