AP Exams: How Do Students Really Feel About Them?


Myles Johnson, Social Media Editor

  After Wednesday, May 3, AP tests have been a major talking point between sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This kind of standardized testing makes it possible to translate a high school course into college credit. 

     A collection of reports from varying students were shared in relation to the AP testing experience.

       Bailey Toburen, a sophomore currently in AP European History, took the AP Euro test Friday, May 5. 

      “I feel that the writing was easier than multiple choice,” Toburen said. She deemed them “not really” important for her future but says that she will “probably” be taking AP exams again. Toburen prepared by using a 30-minute review that she found on TikTok.

     Conley Droge is a junior who took the AP US History exam on Friday, May 5. He rated the test as an “8/10” on difficulty and said that he feels like it is important for his future and he will be taking more AP exams in the future, also mentioning that he studied by using Crash Course videos with John Green. 

     Megan Flageolle is a sophomore who also took the AP Euro exam and volunteered to speak up about her experience. 

     “I thought I did okay, I don’t have much faith that I got a four but I think I at least got a three,” Flageolle said. “I felt like it was a 7 on difficulty.” 

     She said that she will be taking more AP exams in the future but she questions how helpful they will be for the future. She is willing to do anything to help better her education. 

     Grant Burns, a sophomore, also responded about taking the AP Euro exam. 

     “It was probably the hardest test I’ve ever done in my entire life, although it was far easier than I expected,” Burns said. “Yes, they are extremely helpful for the future but if I were allowed to do the College Now test for it, I would have preferred to do that.”

     He studied using books given out by Ms. Osborn. He explained that he is enrolled in AP US History and AP Language next year, as well. 

     Conner Booton is a junior who took the AP Language exam on Tuesday, May 9. 

     “It wasn’t terrible but writing 3 essays in 2 hours was pretty hard. I think the experience will help me in the future if I get credit for the test,” Booton said. He also mentioned that he did not study outside of class but rated it a 6/10 difficulty-wise.

     These are only a handful of students taking a few AP classes, but their consensus seems fairly clear. The exams may be difficult and the students may not know how these scores will aid their future, but they are willing to strive for excellence (or at least a passing score) when it comes to advanced placement courses.