New Early Release Days Breakdown


Hannah Irwin, Online Editor

    Early release days will begin happening on Wednesdays of the upcoming school year, with a new twist. 

    Different from how students and staff know early release days as now, students will instead be released from school at 1:30 p.m. starting on September 13, 2023. This will be different from how early release days work now, where students are allowed to leave at 2:30 p.m.

   Students will be released this early on 21 Wednesdays throughout the year. All of those being when there is a full week of school. On weeks that students have days off the Wednesday of that week will go the full day. Check the 2023 – 2024 District Calendar for more information. 

   Classes will be shortened to make sure all the students are able to leave at 1:30.

   “Yes, each block, with the exception of Block 3 which contains our four lunch periods, will be shortened a bit,” Frank Bell, head principal of GEHS said. “Also, there will be no Seminar on an early release day – just like this past school year.”

   The decision to have everyone released early was decided through a vote made by the parents and staff of the Gardner Edgerton School District.

   “Based on early parent feedback, both district and building administrators knew that whichever choice was made: later arrival or early release, the decision should be the same for all 11 schools in the district,” Bell said. “Weighing all the pros and cons of late versus early, a collaborative effort between district and building administrators decided that early release best fit the needs of all USD 231 schools.”

   Early release days will add to the numerous professional learning opportunities throughout the district.  

   “The purpose centers around increasing student achievement. Early release gives teachers built-in collaboration time, allowing them to lean on one another and grow as professionals,” Bell said. “Student success at GEHS should follow this increased teacher focus on student data and proven education strategies, which will be discussed and implemented in a collaborative effort.”