2023 – 2024 Enrollment


Enrollment for the 2023 – 2024 school year is happening right now and there is planning to take place. 

The current juniors, class of 2024, just had their meeting with the counselors on February 22 and 23. Current sophomores, class of 2025, have theirs on March 2 and 3. Then the current freshman, class of 2026, will have their enrollment last on March 6 and 7. 

There are multiple credits all students need in order to get the required 28 credits to graduate. Four credits of English, three Math credits, three Social Studies credits, and three Science credits are the required credits for core classes. Other required classes to take are a full credit of PE, one semester of Health, one semester of a Fine Arts class, and one semester of Career and Life Planning. Then a total of 12.5 credits of electives are also required to graduate. 

The names of a few classes are being changed for the next school year. Those include Video Production 1 and Video Production 2, formerly known under the name Broadcast Journalism. The other class name that has changed is Intro to Multimedia Design, formerly known under the name Intro to Newspaper and Yearbook. 

To apply to the Yearbook or Newspaper staff for the upcoming year follow the hyperlink and feel free to come talk to the advisor Ms. Dekat in room 500. 

A few of the new classes coming to GEHS include Intro to Chromebook Repair, Chromebook Repair 1, and Chromebook Repair 2. 

When deciding which classes to take for the upcoming year, students can talk to friends, teachers or the school counselors. Go to the counselor Mrs. Bechard for last names A-Fa, Mr. Burns for last names Fe-Le, Mrs. Hare for last names Li-Ri, and Mr. Misse for last names Ro-Z.