Katie Gehrt Helps Students Find Their Voices

Caroline Clarke, Online Editor

Katie Gehrt is an English teacher for freshman and sophomore students. On top of this, she is also a coach, club sponsor, and more. What most people don’t know, however, is that she originally wanted to go into political sciences, but eventually switched her major to teaching. 

“It was the realization of something that comes naturally to me,” Gehrt said. “It felt natural for me to talk to students and teach them, and in some ways, it was like I don’t know if I have ever had something come so easily to me and so I wanted to explore to see if this was something I would want to keep doing.” 

Gehrt has been teaching English at the high school for the last 5 years and has come to learn that teaching and helping kids is her passion. 

 “All of my interactions with students are my favorite part, it’s the best part of my day,” Gehrt said. “Students make me laugh on a daily basis and I love seeing all the things your generation gets so fired up about and seeing how students grow and change throughout the years.

She has also been a sponsor for many clubs and student organizations including the D.A.N.G. club, Link Crew, and GSA. 

 “Link Crew is one of my favorites because I really believe in the mentorship model of upperclassmen students,” Gehrt said. “I actually did the same thing at K-State and I think it is a valuable way to stay connected.” 

DANG (Diversity And Inclusion Group) is a club that allows students to make a difference. 

“DANG is in its second year and we really emphasize what we can do to change our school and community when it comes to diversity initiatives.” 

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) is a group to help support young people in school and in the community.

“GSA has actually been around for a while since the 80s and went away for a while and then came back,” Gehrt said. “This is for any student who is passionate about LGBT+ issues or is an ally and wants to get involved. 

Gehrt is also a volleyball coach at Pioneer Ridge Middle school.

“I coach eighth grade volleyball at the pioneer ridge”, Gehrt said. “Middle school girls are so funny to me and I love getting to coach eighth grade because I get to see some of them in my freshman classes next year and it almost brings me  added relationships.” 

Gehrt will continue to teach at the school and hopes to sponsor more clubs and coach more in the future.