The Scholars Bowl Team Begins their Season


Deb Osborn

The Jv Scholars Bowl team wins the meet.

As winter sports begin, there are many other activities that start. Scholars Bowl is a trivia sport here at the school where a group of students have a buzzer and try to be the first to guess an answer to a tricky question. Joining Scholars Bowl can be a lot of fun for students between the trivia questions and laughs. 

“I joined scholars below because I thought it would be fun to play trivia and travel to other schools to compete,” Delaney Privat junior said. “I heard how fun it was and just joined.”

This sport is a great way to make friends and help build good relationships with your peers around you. 

“My favorite part about scholars bowl is the memories and jokes constantly being made with my teammates,” Sara Harlow junior said. 

Each practice is different, with different trivia questions that challenge to students to really think. Scholars Bowl trivia questions include math, science, history, language arts, and general trivia. 

“My favorite part of scholars bowl is the trivia,”senior Charli McGill said. “I love all the fun questions.”

For many students this is the last year being on the team, and many have been on the team since their freshman year. 

“Being a senior in Scholars bowl is a lot of fun,” McGill said. “It’s nice because I have been doing this science freshman year so I have built up the confidence.” 

The team is still taking athletes and will continue their season until February. 

“Others should join Scholars Bowl because it is really fun,” Privat said. “The trivia isn’t the usual type of trivia, and everyone is always surprised with how much they know.” 

The season so far has been going very well, with both teams bringing home some hardware. 

“The season has been going really well,” Harlow said. “Especially JV.”

The JV squad ended their first meet undefeated winning the meet with a first-place win. 

“It was my first time ever competing at a scholars bowl tournament,” Senior Amara Whited said. “We ended up winning the meet and it was a great confidence booster.” 

The JV has continued to grow and have many successful tournaments. The varsity has also had a very successful season with multiple competitions in the book. There have been multiple competitions that surprised the coaches with unexpected wins and unexpected losses. 

Scholars bowl is after school every Monday and Tuesday after school from 3:00 to 4:00 in Coach Osborn’s classroom. The season will go until February when they will compete at regionals for JV and for varsity. The team will have another meet on December 8th at Ottawa High School.