Overview of Same-Sex Marriage Bill Passed By Senate



Free pride flag image, public domain LGBTQ CC0 photo.

Hannah Irwin, Online Editor

The Same-Sex Marriage Bill was passed by the Senate in a 61-to-36 vote and is now headed back to the House where it is expected to pass.
If passed this bill would not require states individually to permit same-sex marriages, however, it will require the federal government to recognize same-sex marriages as legal. It will also allow for them to be considered for federal benefits such as Social Security and Medicare.
The bill would take place of the Defense of Marriage Act which denied these benefits to same-sex couples.
Twelve Republicans along with Democrats voted in favor of passing this bill on the compromise that the bill would allow religious organizations the ability to refuse service to the celebration of these marriages without losing numerous different benefits.
This compromise allowed for overcoming a filibuster which would have delayed and prolonged the passing of the bill.
It will now be handed back to the House where it is expected to pass and make its way to President Biden’s desk. He is also expected to sign it into law.