OPINION: Happiness close to home


The Fat Bee Cafe

Lillian Campbell, Ads Editor

The Fat Bee is now in Gardner Kansas. I am absolutely thrilled! It is delicious and is completely different from other drinks.  For a while I would drive around as much as 30 minutes to get to places that sold boba drinks. Now I only have to drive a couple minutes. Everyone should go and try boba at least once. I promise you that you will love it (maybe not as much as me though).

According to a recent survey from the student body, around 70% of students love boba just like me. Also about 50% have had the Fat Bee boba and 62.5 % of those students liked the Fat Bee. 

Boba, in case you didn’t know, is tea (milk or regular tea), smoothies, or coffee, and more. It either has chewy pearls or popping juice filled bubbles. There is truly something for everyone. I personally think that the chewy bobas with milk teas are the best of them all but if you are new to boba I would highly recommend that you get a popping boba and slushy. There are many combinations to try, so change it up and try something new!

Before the store opened, the only way to get boba was to drive at least 30 minutes to another location. Or you could have tried things like the Sonic boba… which is not real or good boba, making real boba very hard to come by. This is why this new addition is very important, because right now Gardner is very boring and not amusing due to its lack of boba.

The Fat Bee has the potential to be a great hangout spot since it has very aesthetic Instagram post worthy drinks and snacks. The store also has great settings and photo set ups. I love to take photos of me and friends boba in front of their vines, and also taking videos of us putting our straws into the cup (be careful though because the cups can burst). This would be a great stop after school since the snacks are scrumptious and relatively affordable too. It is roughly the price of Starbucks and Groundhouse and worth your money since it is hard to make at home, unlike overpriced coffee.

If you are looking for suggestions I would suggest the Creme Brûlée Latte with brown sugar boba, the honeydew slush with strawberry popping boba, and the Ube latte with brown sugar boba. Speaking from my boba expertise these are superior choices. Students in the survey also suggested; Strawberry, Milk Tea, and the Mango on Fire. However, all of the products are delicious and feel free to experiment since The Fat Bee is always good no matter what!

The Fat Bee is near the Goodcents on Main Street and is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. You should go and try it, it never hurts to try something new! I promise there is something for you!