Head of Lettuce Outlasts Head of Britain



Ethan Hunting, Online Copy Editor

Liz Truss, the former Prime Minister of Britain, had her term outlasted by a head of iceberg lettuce. 

The joke started shortly after an article by The Economist called Truss “The Iceberg Lady,” suggesting her term would be short-lived. Memes about the comment quickly began to spread, and before long it spiraled into large-scale internet attention. This all culminated when the Daily Star began a livestream on YouTube, showcasing the lettuce with some googly eyes and a wig, counting down to see if the disgraced Prime Minister could hold office before the lettuce wilted.

That claim may seem moronic initially, with the lettuce only having a shelf life of ten days, but after a series of decisions that led to economic crisis and extreme unfavorability, the lettuce started looking more appealing. On October 20, the lettuce’s victory was sealed as Truss resigned.