Queen Elizabeth II: Her Life And Her Legacy


"Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II" by Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Myles Johnson, Social Media Editor

September 8, 2022 marked the end of the era. After 70 years and 214 days, Queen Elizabeth II passed away, leaving behind a world with many who have never seen an English transfer of power. 

As the most recent of eight queens in England’s history, The Queen was inaugurated in 1953 at the age of 27. In the biography on Britannica about Elizabeth II, it says Her Majesty wasn’t originally in direct descendants to become queen. But when her father received the throne after her uncle’s abdication, she became first in line. 

According to the BBC, the Queen was 13 years old when World War II began. This period of time was crucial in such a developmental period of her life. During the war, Her Majesty and her sister were sheltered in various castles but were still at risk. She saw the effects of the war firsthand while witnessing her father’s struggle as king, as well as the bombings which were close enough to see. The then princess eventually joined the Auxiliary Territory Service herself to help with the war effort.

Her reign also entailed many changes, including challenges with the divorces of several of her children, recessions in which the queen attempted to pay extra taxes with her own money, and the rise and fall of support for the monarchy. 

“I think the queen is kind of legendary because obviously, she ruled so long, but [more so] because she was such a beacon for doing your duty and being a stabilizing force for the nation… she was also very innovative, she was always changing with the times,” Deb Osborn, European history teacher said.“And she kind of became… the grandmother to the nation, you know, she really was, but she was also a key diplomat. Because even though she doesn’t make law, she’s really the representation [of] the nation to the rest of the world and she always did that with such class and elegance, which is to be admired.”

With the queen officially laid to rest on September 19, 2022, came the closure of a truly revolutionary reign. Her Majesty’s son, King Charles III is set to carry on the royal line. His heir is William, the new Prince of Wales, who will then pass the legacy on to his children. Prince George of Wales is first in line after his father, a boy just past nine according to the English family tree.

There is visible controversy on King Charles III shown by protestors claiming he is “not their king” and many other articles about what will happen in the United Kingdom under his jurisdiction. All this aside, His Majesty is officially recognized as the King of England and was crowned a few days following Queen Elizabeth’s death on September 10, 2022. 

According to a video credited to Bloomberg Markets and Finance.  On the day of King Charles III’s coronation, he recognized his mother’s strengths as a queen and vowed that he would do the same honoring the position of King of England.

“My mother gave an example of lifelong love and of selfless service. My mother’s reign was unequaled in its duration, its dedication, and its devotion,” King Charles said on the day of his coronation (video credit to Bloomberg Markets and Finance), “I am deeply aware of this great inheritance and of the duties and heavy responsibilities of sovereignty, which have now passed to me. In taking up these responsibilities, I shall strive to follow the inspiring example I have been set… and to seek the peace, harmony, and prosperity of the people of these islands.”