Powder Puff brings Juniors and Seniors Together


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Caroline Clarke, Online Editor

Every year, students participate in a tradition known as Powderpuff. It is a gender-swapped fall sports bonding activity where the boys partake in cheerleading and dancing, and the girls play flag football. 

“It has been a tradition for years,” Kerri Kueser, teacher sponsor said. “The students love the friendly competition between the junior and senior girls, and the boys love the cheer and dance team.” 

Powderpuff allows the students and their peers to grow closer to one another and also have a fun competition. With each side possessing an equal chance to win, the competition gets fierce and predictions run rampant.

“I have no doubt in my team,” Randy Singleton, junior powderpuff coach said. “Our girls could go out to the super bowl tomorrow and win.”

Coaches also make sure that they have fun while coaching in the spirit of the event and try to keep it lighthearted.

“The best part about coaching is having fun with my peers and laughing and making jokes and getting ready to beat the seniors,” Singleton said. 

Others believe quite the opposite, saying that the juniors have no chance to beat the seniors who won the competition last year. On the senior side, coach Kyle Oatman has had much to say about his senior team.

”The best part of Powderpuff is brainstorming plays with the other coaches,” Kyle Oatman, senior powderpuff coach. Kyle and the other coaches have full confidence that they will beat the juniors. 

There are other sides of Powderpuff that don’t involve flag football, however. Instead of playing football, the boys run through the standard cheer and dance routines. 

“I think the best part of Powderpuff is the practices,” Kendall Hill, senior dance coach said. “They may be a little chaotic and loud but they are actually a lot of fun.”  

The boys have fun goofing around and making each other laugh, making it enjoyable on both ends. The cheer team is also a great way for the boys to get involved with the school’s cheer program. The boys say that it is a great way to grow closer to one another.

“I believe Powderpuff does bring the school together,” Pierson Carlisle, senior cheer member said. “Some of the guys that don’t know any of the dancers and cheerleaders get to meet them.”

Even though Powderpuff is a big competition, it allows both juniors and seniors to grow closer to their peers and get to know people better. 

“The connections are there, and this year is a lot better,” Kaira Mannio, senior powderpuff player said. “Especially on offense, and it will benefit the team because we have each other’s back no matter what.” 

The girls have gotten so much closer to one another and become better people as future seniors.

“I love the energy and spirit that everyone gives,” Maddie Xiong, junior powderpuff player said. “All the funny and good moments, I like playing the game part more than anything else.” 

The Powderpuff game will be on Wednesday, September 21 at the Blazer football stadium.  You can get in by bringing in canned food to donate to the Hope Market and multi-service center.