Senior Evadean Sanders Grows Internet Following Through Movie Reviewing

How movie-obsessed Evadean Sanders has spent her free time for the last two years.


Rachel Owens

Photo of Evadean Sanders during Interview over her movie review webpage, Cinemas Scoops.

Rachel Owens, Reporter

Senior Evadean Sanders is a podcaster, horror movie fanatic and a website creator. She started reviewing movies for her website during quarantine in 2020.

“I started a website to review movies during quarantine, and it’s grown to almost 500,000 [readers],” Sanders said. “I think I might just start a website for fun and then it grew so I just kept on doing it.”

Not only does she have a website, she also has a podcast on Spotify, “Father-Daughter Monster Mash” with her dad where they discuss their favorite horror movies. She posts on her podcast about once a week and as often as she can on her website.

“[The podcast] has over 80,000 listeners,” Sanders said. “We just finished season one with almost 100,000 streams, so we started season two.”

The podcast topics range from horror movies of the 1930s all the way to horror movies of the 2010s. 

“When my website grew, I went through Wix, [a website builder], and it distributes my website through Google for me,” Sanders said. “They provide me with business cards, and business emails, and they said, ‘Okay, so people seem to like your website, so why don’t you try a podcast?’ [I didn’t want to do a podcast by myself] and I didn’t want to go out and interview famous people like everybody else does, so then I decided to ask my dad to do it with me and now it’s what we do.” 

Sanders is a part-time senior, and with what time she does spend at school, she wants to start a movie club. She only hesitates because of advertising insecurities. 

“For the longest time I didn’t tell anybody I did [movie reviews and podcasting] because I [didn’t think people would] take me seriously because I’m a girl, or because I’m seventeen and that it might alter their idea on what I say about movies,” Sanders said. “So I decided maybe I wouldn’t tell people that it was my business. But eventually I was like ‘screw that, I’m gonna just do whatever.’”

Sanders’s podcast is available on Spotify. To view her website, click here.