School Is Negatively Affecting Students’ Mental Health

Isaac Peterson shares his and two other students’ opinions on how school affects students’ mental health.


Isaac Peterson

A drawing of a student bored in school, who also did not get enough sleep last night.

Isaac Peterson, Reporter

Some people like school and the opportunity it brings to learn and be challenged, but for some students, it gives a whole new meaning to stress and anxiety at home and at school. 

“We got a puppy and she’s super high energy, and I have to take care of her when I get home because she’s bouncing off the walls and finding anything she can put in her mouth, ” junior Kellan Demo said. “I think school adds stress and anxiety [in addition to taking care of the puppy] because trying to get good grades in general and managing work is hard.”

Some students are trying to balance home life, homework and a job. It can be difficult for some to have a healthy mental state and maintain a healthy mindset. 

“I would love more time to do work in class and have less homework,” Demo said. “When I get home I have chores, I have a puppy, I have so many things to do and it’s really hard to do school and those daily chores and activities.” 

Homework is the main issue with students, taking up large amounts of time at home because teachers don’t usually give much time to complete homework in class.

“Even though homework is the most annoying thing on this planet, you have to do it if you want a good grade,” Demo said.

Homework takes up time and it is useful for most classes, but tests can seem unfair because there aren’t many resources to use. 

“I think homework can be useful for some subjects like math or science, but I don’t think you should have to do homework for every class,” junior Chris Reiter said. “School affects my home life by giving me homework and taking up my time at home.”

Tests can affect students’ mental health in a negative way and cause anxiety during the days leading up to it and the test itself in class.

“I don’t think tests should exist,” Reiter said. “I feel like they’re a waste of time because you should be getting graded for the homework that you do rather than being tested on the stuff you’ve already learned.”