Board Member Kristen Schultz Resigns as Nicholas Robinson is Selected for Vacant Seat

On March 1, 2022, board member resigned from her position after being a member for almost seven years. She is the fourth member to resign in the last year.


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Kristen Schultz’s professional photo.

Olivia Steele, Editor in Chief

A fourth board member within the past year submitted their resignation on Tuesday, March 1, while a new member was appointed at the March 7 meeting to fill Robin Stout’s previous resignation.  Kristen Schultz explained in her resignation letter it would be effective immediately after serving for six and a half years and Nicholas Robinson was voted into the other open seat in a 4-1 vote. 



“…I have worked hard every day since [joining], to be an advocate and a voice for the most under-represented professionals in education: our teachers,” Schultz said in her resignation letter. “Turns out, my greatest reason for serving is also my greatest sadness in leaving.”

Schultz cited a recent verbal altercation between her and a few community members at a local restaurant – not as a reason for resigning, but as the “proverbial last straw.” According to her letter, Schultz said the  resignation comes from frustrations within the board and that she realizes she does not have a voice within the board anymore.

“I cannot make dishonest people honest,” Schultz said. “… realizing I can no longer sit next to people who choose blatant lies even when the truth is played right in front of them and I cannot be a part of a group that not only dismisses abhorrent behavior by their followers, but also defends and empowers that behavior to continue.”

“I liked Nick Robinson…Nick has been here at every single board meeting. He’s been very involved. The same community that voted us in seemed to support him pretty well. I think that represents the majority of citizenry.”

— Greg Chapman



Schultz’ resignation created two vacant spots on the board following Robin Stout’s announcement in late January. Both seats were set to expire in January 2024. Fourteen people applied for the position 7 at-large seat that Stout occupied. At the meeting Monday night, the board reviewed these and after five minutes of discussion, voted to approve the appointment of Nicholas Robinson, 

According to his board seat application, he is a 2001 GEHS graduate and served in the Marine Corps for eight years. His top three priorities for the district include “post high school preparedness (not just college but military, truck driving, welding, etc.), staff retention, and SPED.” 

“I liked Nick Robinson…Nick has been here at every single board meeting,” Greg Chapman said. “He’s been very involved. The same community that voted us in seemed to support him pretty well. I think that represents the majority of citizenry.”



The vacant position left by Schultz must be published in the local newspaper for at least 15 days before the board can take action to appoint a new member. Anyone interested in applying for the open position can contact Deb Starling at [email protected] to access the application. They are due March 25 by 3:00 p.m.



Below is the full resignation letter for Schultz. Read about Stout’s resignation here.

The Blazer also reached out to board president Lana Sutton for a statement on the latest resignation, but has not responded at the time of press. 



The five board members present on Monday also approved the hiring of three new administrators: Shay Carter, Director of Special Education; Tiffany Morawiec, Director of Business and Finance; and Josh Kindler, Assistant Principal at Pioneer Ridge Middle School. Director of Community Relations Ben Boothe sent an email to all district staff today announcing the new hirees and giving descriptions of their backgrounds. 

“We are extremely excited to add these three individuals to our administrative team,” Interim Superintendent Dr. James Sutton said in the email. “Each possesses a strong background in leadership and will serve the district and our students extremely well.”



The meeting was later adjourned after an executive session. The board will hold two special meetings in the coming weeks: on March 21, they will discuss continuing employment contracts for administrators and the ATC (they tabled these decisions at the last meeting). On March 29, they will discuss applicants who have applied for the full-time superintendent position. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Monday, April 4, 2022.

In regards to the superintendent search, the district provided a page discussing what the board talked about pertaining to a potential timeline. Click here to read: