Forensics Team Elects Two Seniors As Co-Captains

Recently, Torin Wilson and Julia Taylor were elected as co-captains of GEHS’s Forensics team.


McKenzie Sullivan

Forensics team captains Torin Wilson and Julia Taylor.

Turner Brown, McKenzie Sullivan, and Ethan Hunting

Seniors Torin Wilson and Julia Taylor have been elected as the captains of the forensics team this year. These two have come to share a love of forensics and hope to spread their love to others.

“I just love every bit of it,” Wilson said. “My grandma was a forensics coach when she was teaching, and so that’s where I grew my love of forensics.”

Not only do the seniors want to share a love for forensics with their team, they also want to work hard so they can do well.

“I think we have every possibility of being a good forensics team, a perfect one even,” Wilson said. “The idea of a perfect team is a bit grand, I don’t think anybody’s ever gonna be perfect. But in my definition of perfect, I think that having a great diverse group of people from every aspect of life is really good, [as well as] people dedicated and ready to go out there and compete and win. I don’t think it’s always about numbers, and I don’t think it’s all about build either, it’s about both.”

There are many different events in forensics. Some include drama, poetry, prose, readers theater, duo, and programmed oral interpretation. Each of these events has many different characteristics based on different aspects of forensics.

“I’m not really picky, but I usually end up in poetry and prose just because that’s kinda where I find the most joy,” Wilson said. “I’d like to try a lot more, maybe acting at some point this year.” 

Frequently, the members of forensics tend to enjoy the events they connect best with.

“It’s really nice to be able to express myself,” Taylor said. “I find a very deep connection with poetry.”

The senior of forensics not only love what they do, but they also try to be the best leaders they can for all of their members.

“To stay motivated myself, I think the best way is to lead by example,” Wilson said. “I think that as long as I stay motivated and in good spirits that hopefully other people will follow.”

To be a good team member, it’s important to stay motivated. Support from others is key.

“I’m gonna try to motivate [the team] through advice and support,” Taylor said.

Through all the motivation and support, the other members try their best to do what they are asked to do.

“They’re amazing so far,” Wilson said. “I’m able to give them good feedback and they’re able to apply that as necessary.”