Blazer Stop Launches Valentine’s Day Promotion

In spirit of the Sweetheart Dance and Valentine’s Day, the Blazer Stop launched a Valentine’s Day promotion beginning February 4.


The Blazer Stop

Pricing for the different bundles available for purchase.

Kaila Burnside and Nicholas Belcher

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the Blazer Stop launched a Valentine’s Day promotion, similar to candy grams, that began February 4. Two options are available for students to purchase: The Basic Bundle for three dollars and the Beane Bundle for five dollars. The Blazer Stop drew inspiration for their Valentine’s promotion from the Crush Grams that some are familiar with from middle school. 

“We wanted to step it up a bit and do something more personal,” Blazer Stop social media manager Ryan Beane said.

The Basic Bundle consists of two one-ounce cookies, a silk flower, and a note which can either be personalized or picked from a default selection. Staff member Torin Wilson proudly identifies as the Blazer Stop’s resident love engineer, responsible for the creation of these messages. The message can be signed or left anonymous, perfect for secret admirers. What began as a joke evolved into what is now the Beane Bundle. For an additional two dollars, students can purchase the Beane Bundle, delivered at lunch by Beane.

“We were gonna have [students] pay an extra dollar for…someone to sing to [other students] as a joke,” Beane said. “All the admins said sure, which is surprising.”

Students will also have the option of having their bundle delivered on Valentine’s Day or the week of the Sweetheart Dance, making for a romantic gift or proposal.

“What we’re doing is that, instead of buying it for yourself, you’re buying it for someone else,” Beane said.

This is one of many innovations the Blazer Stop has made compared to years prior. They’ve expressed eagerness about this latest endeavor.

“This is the first we’re kinda doing something where you buy something for someone else, which is exciting,” Beane said. “I think it’s by far my favorite thing we’ve done so far. I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun just seeing everyone care for each other.”

Coming back from a hiatus due to COVID, they were able to make a full recovery. While the Blazer Stop is known for their smoothies, their ambitions for the future of their group don’t end there. 

“I thought it was cool how we get to kind of just reinvent it a bit,” Beane said. “It was really fun to start fresh.”

Among their sales, one of their successful projects was their Halloween promotion. 

“The Halloween cookies really put us on our feet and if it wasn’t for such a short Christmas time span,” Blazer Stop accountant Aubrey Cortez said. we definitely would’ve done something for Christmas.”

Coming back from a break allowed the group to figure out an approach that worked for them. Their optimism extends to their expected sales turnout.

“We expect pretty high outcomes because of multiple promotions happening at the same time, people are gonna already have their money on them, and it’s just a fun not really seen before idea,” Cortez said.

The proceeds from this event will be funneled directly back into the Blazer Stop. They originally planned to spend the funds on DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) in Manhattan KS. As the Blazer Stop will be competing in DECA virtually this year, they’ll instead be taking an educational business trip. The remainder of their club budget will be used for next year’s school store.