December Event Guide and Recap

A guide to every GEHS-hosted event in December 2021 that students can both attend and participate in.


Hannah Phipps

Zachariah Gunby

This month, GEHS is holding many different events that students can participate in. At the time of publishing, some have already happened and a recap will be used instead.



The GEHS Choir Program held a holiday choral concert on Wednesday, December 8th called The Sweet Hymns of Joy. It took place in the GEHS auditorium at 7 pm. Treble Choir, Concert Choir, Trailblazers Choir, Treble Jazz Ensemble, Blue Blazers, and Madrigal Ensemble all performed at the event.


A Christmas yard decorating contest occurred. Students unleashed their decorating skills and decorated their yards for a chance to win a $50 gift card. All entries were submitted by December 10th. This contest is sponsored by Project Grad and the winner is going to be announced on December 17th.

DECEMBER 11 and 12:

The student council held a food drive. It took place at Price Chopper from 10 am-2 pm. They received canned or nonperishable foods. The proceeds went to help those in need during the holiday season. 




On December 6th, GEHS’s Penny War began. Each grade level has a bucket for donations. Every penny is counted as one point and points are deducted for every silver coin and bill. It will be a competition between the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and staff. The objective is for the students to get as many pennies in their own grades bucket as possible while also putting silver coins and bills in others’ buckets to sabotage them. All the profits will be going to support the Gorney family. The results will be updated daily and the group that is in the lead by Thursday, December 16 will receive ice cream as a prize.


There is going to be a Red Robin fundraiser spirit night event on December 13. It is going to be located at 20122 W 153rd St. Olathe KS 66060. The event is going to be going on from 5-9 pm. In order to help fundraise, students will need to show their server the flier. The link to the flier is Red Robin will be giving 20% of fundraising sales back to Project Grad.


The Blazerettes will be holding a Chilli Supper on Friday, December 17. It will be taking place in the commons from 5-8 pm. It will be $5 for every bowl of chili and $1 per cinnamon roll. The proceeds from this event will be going towards the Blazerettes’ upcoming trip to Nationals.

The Teddy Bear Toss will be going on at the beginning of halftime at the boys’ varsity basketball game on Friday, December 17. Students can bring a new teddy bear or any new stuffed animal. These will be donated to KVC to be distributed to children in foster care during the holidays. If any student can’t make it to the game, they can go put it in the bin that will be set up in room 715.