Choir Program Hosts Holiday Event


The program of the Sweet Hymns of Joy choir concert at GEHS.

John Weaver

As Christmas approaches, the choir program at Gardner Edgerton High school holds a Christmas event for anyone to see.

On Wednesday, December 8th at 7 pm, the program will be held in the auditorium. This will be held by choir director Kelli Baker and assistant choir director Hannah Stevens. They will be presenting Sweet Hymns of Joy

“Our upcoming concert is our holiday concert, and so all our choirs have been really busy preparing for that concert with holiday music, Christmas music, and winter music, as such,” Baker said. “It really brings the magic of the holidays for sure. Also, one of the things to be excited about is being able to bring our alumni back, who are coming back to experience for one last time on the stage of GEHS.”

As the choir prepares for their holiday program, GEHS does its part in preparing the auditorium where the program will take place. Those interested in seeing the show can show up at a zero-dollar cost.

“For anybody who wants to come it is free,” Baker said. “There is no limit to who can show up, no capacity limit to who plans come and watch. Also, it will be live streamed for people who don’t want to venture into crowds or is out of town, via the Blazers News Center’s YouTube channel.”