Buff Puff to Be Held This Weekend

The Grey Team took first and the Blue Team took second.


Riley Proctor

Seth Reddin getting ready to beat any of his opponents.

Madeline Clark, Reporter

This Saturday the traditional school event, Buff Puff will be taking place. Buff Puff is an event where boys from all grade levels can make a team and participate in a volleyball tournament. 

“We decided to open it up to all grade levels this year just to get more kids involved,” Kerri Kueser said, “It seemed like everything was always just Juniors, Seniors.” 

Each team is assigned a coach to train them before the tournament. The boys chose a supervisor and practiced in the gyms after school. The tournament will be organized by pools.

“We are organizing it by an A pool and a B pool and then we are going to do a final bracket so we will have a silver winner and a gold winner,” Kueser said. 

There are eight teams, and each team is guaranteed four games. The teams are organized by their corresponding shirt color and coach. The coaches are Abi Garden, Addison McClure, Elinor Marshall, Jaylene Bell, Raven Boone, Ryleigh Sander, and Paige Schesser.  

Students can bring a non-perishable food item or a canned good at the entrance of the event. The food items will go to the multi-service system for families during the holidays.

“I think it will be a fun event, the shirts are fun and it will be something good since they didn’t get to do anything last year,” Kueser said. 

Buff Puff is Saturday, November 20 from 1-5 pm.