Barstool Twitter Accounts



A picture of Twitter captured by a talented photographer chriscorneschi.

Angela Ocanas, Reporter

The Barstool Twitter accounts should be unfollowed. Horrible things have been said and are being said consistently on these accounts. The anonymous people, hiding behind a screen ,post rude and heartless comments about various topics. They really did it, when they posted a comment about a High School that said “Imagine having more suicides than wins.”

What kind of a person types that and thinks “This is totally okay to post.” because it definitely wasn’t. That post was disgusting and unsympathetic, yet these anonymous individuals still continue to post their crude comments. Twitter accounts like this shouldn’t exist at all, I mean yes, it’s okay to have fun and joke around on social media but this is not acceptable. Sensitive topics such as suicide should never be used in jokes or in insensitive comments.

Social media is a place where people should be posting positive and encouraging things, not negative and harsh comments. Think about all the people that read the Barstool post, especially all the ones that lost someone special to them due to suicide. Being rude and making revolting comments on any social media platform in no way makes you look cool, if anything it makes you look like a terrible person who wasn’t taught how to treat others with respect.

These accounts just need to be unfollowed or the individuals posting on them should just start thinking before they post.Comments and posts stay on the internet forever, think before you post something and ask yourself if what you are about to post is going to hurt someone. If you have social media just to post harsh and rude things, then maybe you just should not have it in the first place. Spread positivity and be kind to others. The internet isn’t a place to attack others that you don’t agree with.