Art Classes Participate in Local Competitions

The school has many art classes that will allow students to get in touch with their artistic side, some of which participate in local art competitions.


Madeline Clark, Editor in Chief

The school has many art classes that will allow students to get in touch with their artistic side, including Basic Design, 2D art, Advanced Design, Ceramics, Advanced Ceramics, Jewelry, Advanced Jewelry, and Sculpture. These classes allow students to be creative and express themselves through creativity. 

Within these classes, students have the opportunity to win scholarships for these projects and pursue a career in art. Mrs. Toni Britt is a 2D Art, Basic Design, and Advanced Design teacher. Mrs. Britt participates in some scholarship-winning competitions with the art program here at GEHS. 

“We usually participate in the GFWC and that is an art show that takes place here in Gardner,” Britt said. “The winners of that show get to go to more of state competition.”

The GFWC is the annual Fine Arts Festival held by the General Federation Women’s Club. Schools have the opportunity to enter their art in a contest to win ribbons and even cash prizes. The art programs also like to go up to Highland College in which they are only allowed to take up to twenty-five art pieces. 

“We also have been trying to push to get involved in scholastic art,” Mrs. Britt said. “There are many scholarships for that one and we’ve had some kids win medals in that.”

However, the real work of the art programs happens within the classrooms. 

“In 2D art, I try to teach realistic drawing and shading,” Mrs. Britt said. “I like that a lot. I like the abstract landscapes we do with acrylic paint. In Advanced Design, my favorite is probably the blown watercolors that they do pen and ink in. Really, I enjoy all of them.”

Although the COVID year has changed the perspective of some of the art classes, Mrs. Britt feels her classes always find a way to be unique. 

“It’s been really nice, our art classes are full so we have a really nice group of kids and we seem to be able to retain them,” Mrs. Britt said. “So it’s been nice because they just seem to get better and better.”

Students have been working hard in several art classes. A few finished pieces are shown below.