Student Launches YouTube Channel and Merch Brand

Berg N Outdoors shirts, hats and other merch have appeared in the halls after senior Garrett Bergmann launched a YouTube channel in December 2020. The channel has grossed 303 subscribers and has had 26 videos since it was publicized.


Garrett Bergmann

Picture of Merch brand of one of the students at GEHS.

Serge Otiankouya, Reporter

Senior Garrett Bergmann launched a YouTube channel in December 2020 and has already begun to sell his merch. The channel has grossed 303 subscribers and has had 26 videos since it was publicized. How did the idea of becoming a YouTuber insert itself into Bergmann’s thoughts?

“What inspired me to become a YouTuber was basically my love for the outdoors and my passion to share it with others,” Bergmann said. “Basically to create a small movie for every single video that I make and every single trip that I take, and to have that in the future when I’m old and I can’t go out as much.”

Bergmann is still a student who has a lot of life-making decisions ahead, but one thing he is sure about is working hard to make his content.

“YouTube is definitely a hobby right now, I’m just getting a feel for it and it will take a while for me to be able to make good quality content and put it out there for other people to enjoy,” Bergmann said.

Bergmann’s channel was made to stand out, and he comes up with all of the ideas for the channel by himself.

“I came up with the name Berg n Outdoors,” Bergmann said. “Originally it was Berg Outdoors, then I started looking at a couple of other channels that had it so I decided that I had to change my name so I wasn’t copyrighting someone else.”

Bergmann, with the small number of subscribers he has, has already begun the process of selling his own merch to bring more popularity to the channel.

“My merch brand, you can buy stuff at,” Bergmann said. “I just launched the website. I sell t-shirts, hats, stickers, [there’s] gonna be sweatshirts in a little bit, it’s just a way to get my brand out there and have more people looking at my logo and stuff like that. Kind of having my brand in their name.”

Mega YouTubers with millions of subscribers usually decide at that point to dedicate their time and strength to make good quality videos for their subscribers. They usually turn YouTubing into another career. Would Bergmann become a full time YouTuber if he grossed enough subscribers?

“I would definitely consider YouTubing to be a full-time career for me when it grows because you can get ad revenue on videos and promote products and stuff like that,” Bergmann said. “I definitely want to be in the outdoor industry. I just don’t know what yet but creating videos is a good skill to have.”

A lot of YouTube channels had to switch their content to fit with what the people wanted at that specific time. Switching content could be on the table in Bergmann’s future.

“[The channel is] mainly geared towards outdoors, hunting, fishing, trapping, and stuff like that, but I wouldn’t be opposed to switching it up in the future,” Bergmann said.