Girls’ Tennis Team Finishes Season


Alivia Drake

Olivia Steele, Editor in Chief

The girls’ tennis regular season came to an end on October 4. JV and Varsity teams both had their final meets that day. 

“I really liked the girls we had on the team this year,” assistant coach Deb Osborn said. “We had a really fun, positive group, and they worked really hard and I really thought it was fun to see how much their skills developed. They worked really hard on getting better and they were easily coachable and they were fun to be around. It was a good season.”

The season ended on a high note amongst the players from both teams.

“[My favorite part about] this season was the practices,” sophomore Vasillia Fulks said. “Practices were really fun. I think this year was my favorite because we were all much closer than we were last year.” Fulks has been on the JV team for two years.

When asked what she’s looking forward to most next season, junior Adah Seigfried said “Getting a fat W, that’s what.” Seigfried has also been on the team since her freshman year–this is her first year as a full-time varsity athlete.

“I hope that if there are girls out there that are looking for something to do that they’ll consider coming out for tennis,” Osborn said. “Because even if they don’t really know anything about the game, we’ll teach you and we’ll help you get better…it’s just fun to feel a part of something.”

The Varsity team will be participating in state-qualifying regionals at the College Boulevard Activity Center on Friday, October 8 beginning at 9:30 a.m.