Juniors Win Powder Puff Game After Weeks of Practice


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Kaira Mannio running to make that touchdown during the game.

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UPDATE: Juniors win the PowderPuff game. A gallery of images can be seen below. 

Gardner Edgerton high school will be hosting their annual Powder Puff game this year. After a long decline of events due to the COVID-19 virus, they were put on hold for any social gathering events. The Powder Puff game is an event that annually occurs at high schools nationwide, with females playing on the field and males cheering and coaching them on.

The kickoff will start at the district activity center football field at the high school, on Sept. 29 at 7 p.m. The juniors will be in mint-colored jerseys while the seniors rock a cool lavender.  Last year the annual event was canceled due to Covid.

“It’s really fun, I’m glad we get the chance to be able to be back on the field this year,” senior team head coach Jake McClure said.

Mrs. Kerri Kueser is a freshman math teacher at GEHS and is also in charge of StuCo, who helps organize the social events at the high school. The PowderPuff game has been a long-term tradition for the Gardner Edgerton community.

“This is only my 5th year at the high school, I feel like it’s been going on only 20 years at least since the high school was established so I’d say 20 years,” Mrs. Kueser said.

The game is for juniors and seniors only.

“I’m excited because I think it’ll be a fun experience and a good time for all of us and I waited a while to be able to participate in this,” junior McKenna Bartles said.

The class of 2022 seniors had to wait a while longer as the Covid outbreak last year had prevented the game from taking place.

“I think it’ll be a different experience, since this our first year being able to do it, but I think we can all come together and achieve our goal of winning,” senior Kaylah Newman said.

The game will be operated as a professional football game. The players had to practice outside of school or during their seminar block during school hours. The team needs to be able to run plays and assign positions to players, which is where the guys come in as coaches and cheerleaders.

“It’s really about who can throw, who can catch, who can run, and who’s willing to do those things, though anyone can do it,” Jake McClure said.

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