What Students Think of Pep Assemblies


Rachel Owens, Reporter

Some students love Gardner Edgerton’s pep assemblies, some don’t, and some can’t decide.

“I’m not too much of a fan of school events,” Freshman, Samantha Gunby said, “It’s always so crowded and cramped, I would add a little more room between people and the classes,” Gunby said when asked about any changes she would apply to assemblies.

Senior Stuco President, Liam Strahan prefers to have pep assemblies inside the school to keep the students loud and involved. 

“I know there’s a ton of new additions to the school so I think it would be cool to give them a shout out,” Strahan said when asked if clubs should be recognized at pep assemblies, “We definitely are talking about it, like right now, as of right now, I know in the past we have gotten a lot of, like we had plays going on and things we let people come in to do like some little game night or activity, but yeah we’re working on it.”

Junior, Von Finkenbinder has only attended 6 pep assemblies in high school due to the coronavirus spread last school year. 

“It’s a great way to bring us together and show off what’s happening at the school,” Finkenbinder said, “ I think a little competition between the grades help bring us closer together, I don’t know.” 

Junior, Jackson Elsey is one of the people who’s in the middle.

“ I like them, they’re a lot of fun but sometimes they can be boring too,” Elsey said, “The competitions between students and teachers are a lot of fun, but I don’t like when teachers get up there and talk, or what I’d call the boring filler stuff.”