Pep Band Back in Action with New Season


Nalleli Rollf

Close view of percussion drumming to the best of their ability.

John Davis

On September 3, the GEHS Pep Band was back in the stands with all 130 students for the first time in 2 years.  

“We are excited to be back in the stands, supporting our team,” director Mr. Will Biggs said. 

Even though the band has all of its members back, there are some adaptations from last year put in place to for covid protocols they are keeping the same. 

“With indoor rehearsal, last year we used puppy pads to keep moisture from going around, we are keeping that and that’s something we’ll keep forever,” Mr. Biggs said. 

Another thing they are keeping from last year is bell covers, which lowers the chances of getting Covid-19 while rehearsing inside. While these adaptations are still in place, there are some things that are different from last year to expect. This year the band will be participating in festivals and parades that were cancelled last year. 

“This year we are going to competitions and different festivals, like Neewollah in October, and on October 15th we will be doing our light show after the game,”  Mr. Biggs said. 

At the football games, the band will be doing their halftime show with some new music from different musicals.  

“We are doing “Phantom of the Opera,” “I Dreamed A Dream,” and a couple songs from the musical Wicked,” Mr. Biggs said. “We are just very excited to be back, after all the things that happened last year.”