Waverly Road Construction Causes Traffic Congestion

Rachel Owens, Reporter

The Waverly Road has been causing student accidents and city-wide traffic due to construction on the Northeast corner of Waverley Road and 175th Street. 

“We use traffic and accident data city-wide to help identify locations that may need improvements.” Daneeka Marshall-Oquendo Communications Manager said on behalf of Tim McEldowney, The City Engineer.

Waverly construction will include opening the road into three lanes and extending from US-56 to Fountain Street and will include the build-out of the intersection at Madison. 

“I don’t know why construction was late, the District office is the first to be informed about Waverly progress.” Principal Frank Bell said. 

The project will tie into the improvements recently completed on Santa Fe and includes a trail on the east side of Waverly, open ditches, and street lighting. A trail is also included on the north side of 175th Street from Waverly to Kill Creek Road. 

“Construction began as soon as the design and bidding processes were complete. The project had been planned to begin in the spring of 2021 and included a roundabout at the Waverly and Madison intersection. The roundabout design was identified by the city’s traffic engineering consultant as the safest and most efficient design to move traffic through the area, but after strong objections from primarily the school district, as well as Fire District #1 and a handful of citizens regarding the roundabout, the city council decided to forgo the roundabout and the intersection was redesigned, which resulted in the project being delayed.” Marshall-Oquendo said. “Our inspector is onsite as needed to monitor construction.”

 The contractor has until May 11, 2022 to complete the project.