Football Scrimmage Friday

John Weaver, Journalist

As the new GEHS team of this year of 2021 as the Blazers set up for their first team scrimmage. They take the time to really get the home team fans hyped before their big game against Mill Valley. The team is led by coach Jesse Owens, who explained that the new teammates are more than willing to find out what they can really do. When asked about the secret to winning, Coach Owens had this to say,  “One thing that teams do is they lose much more than win, and that is due to the feeling of doubt and disadvantage of not going after what they want so taking that time and effort to work hard and succeed,” Coach said. The Friday Scrimmage will be carried out at GEHS  August 27, 2021 at 9:00 P.M. Bring an energy drink for free entry!