Covid 19 Leads to More Reliance on Technology


Isaac Peterson, Reporter

Last school year students had to tackle remote learning. Although some loved that setting, others struggled being on a computer screen for more than eight hours a day. In the aftermath of remote learning, culture is now trying to address whether the reliance on technology this last year was a good or bad thing. 

The definition of addiction is “the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.” In this case, the addiction isn’t from a substance but more like an activity. Students described addiction as “something you can’t get away from” or “something you’re addicted to.” Addiction isn’t pretty a lot of the time, but with technology, it could be for the better.

“I think electronics are good because they make things easier but they are a distraction to actually talking to people in real life,” senior Carter Dewey said.

 Instead of turning in papers, teachers now rely almsot solely on programs like Schoology to submit assignment electronically. But electronics can indeed be addicting and distracting.

“I would definitely agree with us being addicted to technology because we had to rely on it for school,” Dewey said. 

Another student, Wyatt Turner said, “It’s good to have but very addicting” technology can be very addicting when you use it every day.

 He also said, “ I didn’t get addicted to technology over covid.” 

“I liked remote learning because of the freedom. I didn’t like it because I couldn’t hang out with friends,” Dewey said. He said that one of the things kids love to do is socialize in school and technology took that opportunity away from many kids, and the only way they could talk to their friends was through technology. 

“It’s harder to do online school and I prefer in-person school,” Turner said.