Senior Part Time Perspective

Avery Turner, Staff Writer

With Christmas and the New Year done for, the second semester is here and for most seniors it also means going part-time and a changing schedule. Looking at the most basic graduation requirements, a senior only need to have their last English credit or a government credit to graduate meaning a student could have one class and have a whole day off, given all previous classes have been passed. While some seniors are definitely the type who couldn’t handle one class at a time, this is entirely possible. Seniors often get to go home early and could only have a few classes.

“Blue days I have English 12 then weights after those two classes I go home for the day,” senior Christian Neff said.

Some seniors with honors or ap classes won’t enjoy this privilege to its fullest extent such as senior Caden Kussatz who only has one class off and mostly honors and AP classes. Along with this new freedom comes with new opportunities as Kussatz says he’s taking classes he may not need, but may be fun or helpful. Along with a choice in classes and schedule Neff stated that he also was happy about a choice in classes but was more interested in a smaller classroom setting and working in smaller groups.

Going part-time is a perk many underclassmen look forward to. Junior Alleigh Harlow said she fully planned on taking advantage of this next year.

“I plan on going part-time…So that I have classes in the morning so that I have the afternoon to work and take classes at JCCC and chill with friends,” Harlow said.

A good chunk of all seniors has some form of a class off in their schedule this brings a new responsibility and a new sense of college and depending on yourself to be in class.