Why Valentine’s Day Sucks

Why Valentine's Day Sucks

Serenity Stafos, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day can be very bleak for some people, even for people with a significant other. First you have to worry about surviving Red Tuesday.

What is Red Tuesday? It’s the day of the year you’re most likely to get dumped. Why? People are forced to reconcile with commitment. Even if it’s not commitment into the relationship it’s commitment on the upcoming and dreaded Valentine’s Day. How much will you spend? To what lengths will you go to impress your significant other?

If you aren’t in a relationship then it’s just a dreaded time of year. The bright pink and reds are like flashing lights to remind you that you don’t have anyone to share that “special” day with. Even the people who don’t mind being single feel a little lonely.

What is one of the worst parts of Valentine’s Day? Everything is packed or sold out. You want to go have dinner with some friends or even just by yourself, well I hope you made a reservation otherwise you’ll be eating carry out pizza for dinner. Are you craving some high quality chocolate? Well, good luck finding any at the store. The pickings will be slim, and leftovers will already be open or damaged. Oh, and it will be overpriced.

This Hallmark Holiday is so bad that even stores celebrate the end of it. Half price candy, cards, and decor the day after!

Valentine’s Day can usually be remembered by frustration, loneliness, or second guessing your life choices. You shouldn’t have over-do yourself one day out of the year to impress your significant other when you have 364 more days to express your gratitude and love toward them.