Non-athletic events deserve more support

Serenity Stafos, Staff Writer

Everyone’s heads go to football, wrestling, or track and field when thinking about our school. What about all of the clubs at GEHS? FBLA, DECA, Interact, Newspaper, or Scholar’s Bowl to name a few. I’ve noticed through my years of attending GEHS that students pride themselves on “Best Student Section” and having the most “Blazer Spirit.” However, You never see the same types of crowds at choir concerts or theater productions as you do a football game or wrestling tournament. There are so many more things to the student body than just sports.
“I don’t think that clubs get the recognition that they deserve. Aside from NHS, few people in the school have any idea that the clubs I am in exist.” senior Jael Hansen said.
Hansen is involved in six clubs or activities around the school and is an avid member in all. One of the clubs Hansen is involved in is the Ecology Club. Every week the Ecology Club gets together after school on Thursdays and picks up recycling around the school.
“No one aside from members of the clubs I am a part of knows that we do this.” Hansen said.
She is also involved in Chamber Orchestra, “The Chamber Orchestra participates in at least one event nearly every month and yet no one knows where we go or what we do.” Hansen said.
She hopes in the future that, “clubs will get the recognition they deserve for the events and activities they take part in.”
Junior Olivia Stanley is not affiliated with any clubs or activities at school.
“I don’t believe they [clubs and activities] get the recognition they deserve throughout the school. I think this is because sports are something people can be super loud and proud about but it takes more time to appreciate the art, time, or effort other clubs and activities produce” Stanley said. “To bring more recognition to clubs and other activities I think there should be “club night” of sorts where all clubs can present themselves and students can come and ask questions to see if they are interested joining.”
Teacher Kristen Bell is the sponsor for the computer science club and for Future Business Leaders of America.
“I do not believe clubs and sports receive the same recognition sometimes. It is by choice that we do not receive the same recognition for example: clubs and activities are able to submit content for announcements and weekly newsletter content and StuCo has made huge efforts to include non-sport activities in the pep rally agendas. However school tradition has largely been centered around athletic events. When school clubs make it to state and or national competitions our school does not do a parade. Also majority of these clubs and activities are not spectator events. So involvement is tricky. I firmly believe our school leadership is making efforts to eliminate some of the ongoing disparities between activities and sports.” Bell said.
It is just as important for students in clubs and activities to feel supported by their peers as it is for students involved in sports.