At your service

Natural Helpers is a volunteer and community service club that does a variety of events in and around Gardner. There are 134 members this year.
“I joined Natural Helpers because I enjoy volunteering and helping people in the community, I also thought it would be a good way to make friends,” senior Kylie Cloughley said.
Members volunteer at events in town, as well as the metro area. This year they have participated this year. The events they have participated in so far this year are, Gardner Elementary Fall Fest, Boo Bash, Milldale Farm Fall Fest, Sock Drive, Building Blazers Day Camp, The Bake Sale, Unleashed Pet Rescue, Adopt a Family for Christmas, and Santa Shop.
“My favorite event this year so far was the Milldale Farm Fest, because I got to drink cider and eat pancakes with my friends,” junior Anaya Hansell said.
Being an officer in the club means that you’re their to encourage others to do good in the community. The officers this year are, senior Chelsey Gilliland, senior Kara Groshong, junior Kenna Dehn and sophomore Laurissa McMillian. Officers help organize events, run meetings and make sure things run smoothly
Students in Natural Helpers are informed about upcoming opportunities and events through meetings, Schoology, and the Remind app.
“Our sponsors do such a good job of making these events available to us,” Gilliland said.
Some students say that they wish they would have joined the club sooner rather than later, Gilliland being one of them.
“My favorite part about Natural Helpers is just knowing the good I’m doing for others and our community, while being surrounded by other volunteers who share that same interest,” Gilliland said.
Recently, the club did a bake sale at Mr. GEHS. Members baked goods such as cookies, brownies, and cupcakes.
Those who attended Mr. GEHS could donate any amount to grab a snack on their way in.
“It was fun to see all the guys perform and enjoy a sweet snack while doing so,” senior Madeline Owens said.
The money raised from the bake sale went to Skate for Change and to Christmas presents for the family they adopted.
Sponsors Alissa Ramsay, Audra Rasmussen and Gina Campbell think that students should join Natural Helpers because “it’s a great way to meet new people, and become involved at GEHS and our community.”