Changes in the cafeteria


Madeline Owens, Editor

There have been a couple additions to the way students can enjoy their lunch. The Blazer Deli is a new online tool provided by the cafeteria that allows students to order their school lunch ahead of time. Then later, they can pick it up during the beginning of their lunch period.
“Students find the Blazer Deli appealing because they can make it tailored to suit their own needs,” Food service director Brenda Cloud said.
To order a meal, students need to make an account through Nutrislice. After the account is made, students can order a meal on the Nutrislice website.
There is also a Nutrislice app that allows students to view the lunch calendar for any of the USD231 schools. Also, students can order a meal from the app too.
When ordering a meal online, the cafeteria staff requires that students submit their orders before 9 the morning that they are planning to pick it up.
“That gives us time to make sure that they are all made appropriately and fits the students needs,” Cloud said.
After the student has confirmed their meal order, it is then sent in online. During lunch period, students can pick it up at the concession area. The only thing left to do is type in your lunch code and let the lunch lady know who is picking up the meal.
A meal ordered online is the same price as a meal ordered in person in the lunch lines.
Students are surprised at how delicious and wholesome the meals turn out to be, and how easy it is to get them.
“The Blazer Deli meals look fresher and better than a normal salad and I like how I can customize them,” senior Faith Mcleod said.
Taste Test Tuesday is another new idea brought on by the SNS director Amy Droegemeier.
This new addition allows students to give their feedback by trying new foods and reporting it to Droegemeier via a phone survey.
“The goal of Taste Test Tuesday was to get students feedback in a no risk way because I don’t want to throw in a meal and students not like it in the end,” Droegemeier said.
Droegemeier values feedback from students because it helps her to design meals that fit students’ criteria.
“Our staff does a lot of research by trying to find what’s on trend with students and just figuring out what they like. Also, I listen to reports from the cafeteria staff of what they think students want by what they see and hear from students,”she said.
Helping the cafeteria staff is just a short survey away. Anyones favorite meal might end up on next week’s menu.