GEHS Possible Class Additions


Elexis Herbst, Staff Writer

The Gardner-Edgerton School District have been thinking about adding more classes to our school curriculum. There are some classes involving aviation, pre-med, cosmetology, and several other possibilities that GEHS is thinking about adding to their Course Book.

Sophomore Bethany Stuart took the survey that was sent out earlier in the month of October. Stuart wants to pursue art and go to college for “art or perhaps maybe education, or perhaps art education.”

Stuart also said that her major in college influenced what she put on the survey, but “there weren’t really a lot of applicable options,” Stuart said. Stuart chose the “Other” option but cannot remember what she typed into the text box.

Marissa Becknal is a freshman here at Gardner-Edgerton and man, does she have an intelligent head on those shoulders. “As my high school career goes on,” Becknal starts, “I’ve been thinking about what I want to do as a profession.”

Becknal wants to pursue something along the lines of a medical examiner or something in the medical field. The class of ‘22 student adds that she would take a medical or pre-med class at Gardner-Edgerton “without hesitation”.

Becknal also confesses that she hasn’t “really enjoyed all of my electives,” and that it does not really make sense that GE does not have the classes that revolve around different focuses on “the profession of interest”.

“I would prefer taking pre-med classes for pathophysiology, physiology, organic & forensic chemistry,” Becknal states. When asked if she chose the “other” option and to justify why, Becknal said, “I was satisfied with my medical field option for my profession.” Becknal explained, “I think sign language should be a class at GE because it builds motor skills and helps people that lack dexterity to learn to communicate more efficiently.”

She and many other students in GE would love to have an ASL, American Sign Language, class available for students to take at the high school.
Counselor Melissa McIntire gave some great information. McIntire said that they have sent out the teachers a survey, told to go over the Course Book and “review the courses as they currently are”, make minor changes, and if they major changes they will send them off to Mr. Meyer if they are drastic changes to the class.

The reason McIntire and her crew considered adding new classes is because, “we always want to meet the student’s need and interests.” GE added Career and Life Planning, which is now a required class for freshman, because “the state of Kansas mandates that every student has an individual plan of study”.

These classes would be reviewed by Gardner-Edgerton High Principal, Mr. Mark Meyer and if he approves it, it goes onto the Ed-Surfaces Committee, “which is the district level committee”. They are adding more advanced classes to the Culinary Arts and Technical Education.