Cats or Dogs?

The choice between two four legged furry creatures


Serenity Stafos, Staff Writer

Do you know what the difference between a dog lover and a cat lover is? Dog lovers are allowed to love their dogs and have a preference over the two species. Cat lovers unfortunately don’t get that luxury. I know first-hand, as I am a cat lover myself. The reason I prefer cats over dogs you ask? Cats don’t ask for much and are basically humans with fur and cute feet. Dogs are always happy, almost too happy. I believe, that is a completely unreal expectation for humans to match. Cats are much like humans in so many different ways. Sometimes they are social and sometimes their favorite spot is alone; sitting in front of a window to bathe in the sun. Dogs have a constant energy, which is something us humans just simply don’t have. Humans are like cats because we get energy in random spikes. Running around the house with something to do, then laying down on the couch only to slip into a 2 hour “power nap”. I believe we can have closer connections with cats because we can relate to their patterns of behavior more than we do dogs.

I interviewed a cat person, kayla, on why she would describe herself as a cat person. “I just prefer cats. They are cuter, softer, and are definitely smaller. Even comparing small dogs to cats, small dogs are too yippy. Cats are just generally more cute, I love the sound of them purring.” I then interviewed a dog person, Mrs. Bell, for her opinions on cats. We started with some reasons that she preferred dogs over cats. “cats don’t don’t have souls…cats are ferrel, and antisocial as a whole; stereotypically speaking…” Then I asked her if there was anything she liked or preferred about cats. “I like that they can be litter box trained- I litter box trained my dog. I like cat whiskers, they fascinate me. The science of the cat is amazing to me! I like how they purr…I do like the cats that act like dogs” This goes to show, that even dog people like cats and think they are cool.

Another argument used to try and say that dogs are better than cats is that dogs are loyal and cats aren’t. Dogs are loyal, I will give them that. However, cats are also loyal to their humans. Do you know the reason cats will kill things and bring them to you? Or why they meow at you in high pitched noises? It’s because your cat thinks you’re a deaf, bald, and abnormally large kitten who can’t survive on its own. When cats do those things, they are trying to help you survive! Cats are capable of love just as much as any dog, and that’s why I believe cats are better than dog