Military or College?


Avery Turner, Staff Writer

Many students are quickly approaching the end of their school years and the age-old question dawns upon them “What am I going to do after high school?Well, two options to consider for the future are college and the military. 

One person who has done both is Staff Sergeant Courtney Hess of the Olathe Army Career Center. Hess has gone to school outside of the military and while serving.

I attended a community college for 2 years after high school. I worked and went to school,” Hess said. “It wasn’t easy, [but] I did achieve my associate‘s degree.  

One of the upsides to joining the armed forces for sure is the fact that the government offers support and money for tuition college while for those serving. 

I am in zero debt. The Army is paying for my college courses and once I’m done I still have my Montgomery GI bill to use for more education. Thank you, Army,” Hess said. 

While the government does pay for courses, this doesn’t ignore the fact people must earn their way into the military and balance those obligations with school.

“It is hard but definitely worth it. I am getting my college paid for by the Army. Sometimes you have to figure out what you want and just go for it! “

All of these benefits for the armed forces don’t come without work and the military really isn’t for everyone or the only option but definitely worth looking into.

“If I could go back in timeI would have joined the Army right after high school. I didn’t join until I was 20. It truly has helped me in so different aspects of life. Figure out what you want and go get it, ” Hess said.


Interested in the military, contact:

Staff Sergeant Courtney Hess

Cell: 913-216-4727

Recruiting Center Address: 15258 West 119th Street Olathe, Kansas 66062