Yearbook staff changes distribution date

Madeline Owens, Editor

The yearbook committee made the decision to change when they distribute the yearbook.

This year, there will be a normal yearbook, however it will be distributed in August 2019. There will most likely be an event for underclassmen to come to and pick up their yearbook.

For seniors, the decision hasn’t been made as to whether the seniors will pick theirs up from school or have it mailed to their house. The details on this matter will be updated soon.

“We are always looking for ways to better cover spring and sports events, as these have not always received as much attention in the past issues of the yearbook,” Yearbook teacher Lindsey Ross said.

Spring sports and events aren’t always covered as well in the past because submitting the yearbook in March leaves out a lot of information that could still be covered.

Important events such as Prom and graduation tend to be left out.

At the beginning of the year, the yearbook committee sent out a survey for the senior class to vote what they would like to happen with the yearbook, and the overall preference was to send in the book altogether in August.

The other option was to have an extra Spring events booklet that would be available later after the main yearbook gets distributed in March. This was opposed by the senior class by a long shot.

There was also the option to keep the book as it is.

“I like the decision to have a fall distribution book because it will all be in one nice, neat package, plus it will be better quality because we have more time to work on it,” Co-Editor-in-Chief Abby Payne said.

There might even be some excitement in receiving it later in the summer.

“I feel like it’s going to be exciting because things will be covered that usually aren’t, like state coverage for spring sports and graduation. Students will get a taste of the yearbook that they haven’t gotten before,” Co-Editor-in-Chief Talon Renner said.

There is more time to submit senior portraits with the yearbook being distributed in August.

“I think it’s a good thing because if seniors want to put fall or winter pictures in, they can now. Also you don’t have to rush to get them done this year.” Senior Riley Toomey said.

In the past, Seniors had to have their portraits turned in by November 30th and the deadline for late submissions was the day before winter break.

But now, the initial deadline isn’t until January 18th.

After that, Seniors have until January 30th to submit their portraits, but this is the late deadline so a $30 fee will be charged.