“The Fight of The Century”


Jackson Armstrong, Staff Writer

A fight of a “lifetime” with 773,000 viewers paid $10 to see a fight that was overhyped. There were Two youtube stars that both add up to 40 million subscribers and almost 8 billion views together; KSI and Logan Paul Vlogs were the fighters in a boxing competition, that had plenty of attention.


The fight was a total publicity stunt. Both vloggers needed to gain fame and growth spurt in views as they were dropping fast. KSI decided to start getting into drama and making a scene just to get attention; KSI made a video about Logan saying that he was a wimp and would get destroyed if they fought. Logan was also desperate for these views so he decided to play along. KSI after fighting Joe Weller wanted to fight another person who was publically famous, resulting to someone whom he had some beef with. The crap talk went back in forth more or less adding on Jake Paul and ComedyShortsGamer to the fight (the little brothers). All the players were hyping this fight to the point where no additional content was being published on their sites.


Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji otherwise known as KSI was the kicker for this fight. Both Logan and KSI have down really disgraceful things here on their time with Youtube. KSI made a video of him harassing women and demeaning them by calling them names  In 2012, people made quite a few remarks about KSI with them calling him misogynistic and sexist. KSI was banned from Eurogamer for life.

Logan Paul posted a video with him and his crew, of so-called “Mavericks”, disrespecting Japanese culture. Aokigahara is better known as the suicide forest in Japan, in which Logan’s “crew” visited and filmed a corpse not really showing any remorse seeing it.


When the fight came around on August, 25th the showdown was lame as none of the participants are experienced fighters, so viewers basically got to see a horrible performance for $10. The fight turned out with ComedyShortsGamer losing and Jake Paul coming out on top. Then, Logan Paul and KSI ended in a dumb draw. It was obvious that KSI should have won, he was a lot more prepared and trained a lot longer than Logan Paul; he was clearly the better opponent.


This is the part where I get to tell you why I think this was staged. First, all these YouTubers needed views desperately. Next, the fight was won by KSI; anyone with eyes could see Logan was tired and KSI was destroying him. Finally, they realized how much money was going to come in and decided this could not be the only one, making sure there would be a rematch. These are two awful people using bait tactics to bring in viewers and an awful attempt to come back from a pit.