Gas leak strikes


Students and staff gather together outside the school after being evacuated due to a gas line leak. Students were released early and evening activities postponed or canceled.

Skyla Fox, Staff Writer

On Thursday September 14,  students and staff were evacuated from the school due to a gas line leak in one of the new culinary classrooms. Students and staff were released early from school and evening activities within the school were canceled or postponed; such as talent show tryouts and the freshmen B volleyball game against Olathe West and Shawnee Mission-East. At first students believed it to be a fire drill but word quickly spread that was not the case.

“I was in government and the fire alarm went off and a lot of us were confused, after a while we heard there was a gas line leak in the culinary area,” senior Hunter Jones said.

With the word spreading of the gas line leak and the fire department showing up to the school  it was soon confirmed that it was indeed the reason for the evacuation causing a wide range of emotions for students.

“ It’s just kinda scary because we all thought it was just a drill at first until some mentioned the gas and the fact that this actually happened when we are at school is just a worry,” junior Sydnee Freund said.

After an investigation into the gas line leak administration was able to fix the problem with the hope of no future problems.

“The gas leak was turned off until after school Friday 9/15 when they came back to fix the problem,” Mark Meyer said.